A Full Featured IDE for C/C++ Development


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

The IBM Software Development Kit for Linux on Power (SDK) is a free, Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which integrates C/C++ source development with the Advance Toolchain, Post-Link Optimization, and classic Linux performance analysis tools, including Oprofile, Perf and Valgrind.

It provides:

* An all-in-one solution for developing software on IBM Power servers.
* Integration of important Linux and IBM tools into a single GUI environment.
* Allows you to use the Eclipse IDE directly on the Power Systems server or in x86_64/amd64 client for cloud development.
* Integration with Qemu user-mode and the IBM POWER8 Functional Simulator which allows you to develop for Power in x86_64/amd64 client without the physical server.


Speaker Bio

Rafael Sene is Staff Software Engineer at IBM Linux Technology Center where he leads the development of the IBM SDK. Also, he is the focal point for the partnership between IBM and Unicamp, the  University of Campinas, which is the first Academy Member of OpenPower Foundation in the Latin America.