A Software Defined Bigdata Solution Built on Cross-region OpenPOWER Data Centers


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

OpenPOWER is one of the most popular platforms for all kinds of industry area, especially in Big Data and Analytics. IBM Platform Cluster Manager (PCM) is the most popular cluster management software aiming to simplify the infrastructure management in data center for different workload. PCM has been certified to support IBM OpenPOWER, and proved as a sophisticated solution to manage BigData workload.
In today’s Big Data area, the data spreads in many sites. It is a challenge to deploy and manage the remote big data clusters and gather the data to central site for deep analysis.
1, Only a small number of organizations have the resources and skill to design, deploy and operate the infrastructure for Bigdata, especially for OpenPOWER.
2, Auto-scaling for BigData cluster based on workload and policy.
3,Cross-Regions deployment and multiple tenancy.
4,Unified high performance data management layer.

Our experience:
This presentation will show the capability of IBM Platform Cluster Manager that can be the foundation of the complicated Bigdata complete solution based on OpenPOWER technology.
Platform Cluster Manager makes it easy to deploy and manage multiple Bigdata clusters in local or remote datacenter, it also provides a robust set of system management capabilities that includes bare-metal provisioning, server and network monitoring. With it, administrator could simply deploy the Bigdata Cluster from the free resource pool, and it could offer the central management for all services too by integrating with Apache Ambari. When required, the clusters could be scale-out/scale-in easily by automatically bare-metal provisioning without impacted to running Bigdata workload.
IBM Platform Cluster Manager could also integrate with IBM Spectrum Scale. Based on it, the data could be gathered from remote sites to central site with high performance.

There are three steps in above:
1.Admin installs the head node.
2.Admin discoveries or imports the nodes as resource pool.
3.Admin design the Bigdata software stack and prepare the software installation repository.
4.Admin deploys the Bigdata cluster with the certified standard stack pattern.
Faster and easy to deploy the Bigdata cluster environment based on OpenPOWER technology, and provide the system management, workload management with great usability for OpenPOWER Bigdata solution.