Accelerator Opportunities with OpenPower



The OpenPower architecture provides unique capabilities which will enable highly effective and differentiated acceleration solutions.   The OpenPower Accelerator Workgroup is chartered to develop both hardware the software standards which provide vendors the ability to develop these solutions.  The presentation will cover an overview of the benefits of the OpenPower architecture for acceleration solutions.   We will provide an overview of the Accelerator Workgroups plans and standards roadmap.   We will give an overview of the OpenPower CAPI development kit.   We will also walk through an example of a CAPI attached acceleration solution.

Presentation agenda

  • Overview of opportunity for OpenPower acceleration solutions
  • OpenPower Accelerator workgroup charter and standards roadmap
  • OpenPower CAPI Development Kit
  • CAPI attached acceleration solution example


Nick Finamore, Altera Corporation
Product Marketing Manager for Software Development Tools  Chairperson,  OpenPower Foundation Accelerator Workgroup

For the past 3 years Nick has been leading Altera’s computing acceleration initiative and the marketing  of Altera’s SDK for OpenCL.  Previously Nick was in several leadership positions at early stage computing and networking technology companies including Netronome, Ember(SiLabs) and Calxeda.   Nick also had an 18 year career at Intel where he held several management positioning including general manager of the network processor division.


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