An Integrated Management Solution for Converged Infrastructures fueled by OpenPOWER


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

Converged infrastructure systems are poised to experience unprecedented growth in the coming years as the IT industry shift to commoditize integrated solutions. These systems tightly integrate storage, networking, compute and virtualization aspects in a unique package. However, an integrated management solution was not in focus until now. Multiple management stacks exist to manage different aspects of converged hardware solutions.

With the recent launch of PurePower systems, IBM has achieved these goals with closed / enterprise-level components such as PowerVM, HMC and PowerVC. A natural evolution is to focus now on more open and cost effective solutions, based on OpenPOWER and open source components for their management. This work describes and contrasts the transition of IBM’s PurePower management stack to support this vision.

An open management stack was built with open and modern approaches for virtualization and systems management where building blocks such as OpenPOWER, IPMI/SNMP, PowerKVM, OpenStack, Ceph/Swift distributed storage, and best-of-breed open source management tools (such as Nagios Core, Ganglia and the ELK Stack) are seamlessly integrated and deployed from manufacturing, reducing on-site setup and maintenance costs drastically. It implements capabilities such as unified inventory and launch Integration, elastic discovery and configuration of various solution aspects, initial provisioning, compliance assessment and service management. This presentation will cover current details of this management stack and our roadmap to provide additional capabilities. It will also contrast the differences between open and closed Power-based solutions and how the stack can be reused for the management of non-coverged infrastructures.


Speaker Bio

Marcelo Perazolo is the Lead Software Architect for the IBM PurePower management stack and is based in the IBM Software Lab in RTP, NC. He drives planning and strategy for the IBM Open Systems and Power Systems teams, within the IBM Systems division. He received MSEE and BSEE degrees from UNICAMP and started his professional career at IBM in 1990. His current focus is to further the OpenPOWER and Open Systems agendas and to drive management capabilities into converged infrastructure systems.