Announcing Hardware Abstraction Layer



As new OpenPower hardware features and servers are developed by multiple partners, it becomes a challenge to deploy them in an OS environment which leverages a known and tried base and at the same time allows for the flexibility which is required to support the diversity of requirements. In this session we will discuss a brand new collaboration model to help us address that need by starting a new open community where we will develop new OpenPower HW enablement and features on a HostOS/KVM for Power. We will seed an open source repository that contains  the core elements to allow OpenPower partners to build and validate their own deliverables; It will include the core kernel as well as other key component pieces to enable KVM virtualization, along with build scripts, and a validation suite, enabling members of the OpenPOWER ecosystem to build their own Host OS with optional support of KVM on Power. An additional usage model this will afford, is to provide an OpenPower Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) based upon HostOS/KVM. This option allows OpenPower partners to deploy new HW features and servers while maintaining a stable OS environment.  This new community will help us all advance the OpenPower ecosystem and ensure some feature consistency.