Building the OpenPOWER Ecosystem – POWER Acceleration & Design Centers



Born out of the collaboration spirit fostered by the OpenPOWER Foundation, IBM along with partner support, like NVIDIA and Mellanox, has established complementary POWER Acceleration and Design Centers (PADC), in France, German and UK.To advance the development of data-intensive and High Performance Computing research, industrial and commercial applications.
These centers were created to strengthen technical collaborations with specific customers like GENCI in France, Jülich Supercomputing Center in Germany and Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) in UK. In addition to expanding software ecosystems around OpenPOWER, these collaborations create opportunities to develop advanced skills and drive the creation of new technologies. PADCs provide clients, partners and ISC technical assistance to enable them to develop, test and optimize high performance computing applications.
In the presentation we will present the center facilities, activities and outcomes. We will outline how the centers can be engaged and can be used to enable applications and develop OpenPOWER business.


Speaker Bio

Pascal is an IBM Executive IT Specialist leading the POWER Acceleration and Design Center, as well as the Software Defined Infrastructure activities, parts of the European Client Center in France. He has more than 20 years of experience and recognized as a highly skilled technical leader in various domains, including application optimization, tools, processor and system architectures, workload and system management, as well as clustering and big data infrastructures.