Cognitive Computing system on the OpenStack based OpenPOWER Cloud (SuperVessel)



Cognitive computing are forging a new understanding between human and machines. Interactive, adaptive and contextual are the basic properties of cognitive computing. To make machines “Think” and give the right feedback to humans in realtime, it needs a new kind of infrastructure with fast processing capability to support cognitive computing. IBM Research China built the Cognitive Computing infrastructure and services on the OpenStack based OpenPOWER cloud SuperVessel, and started to provide open access services for academic research and community developers. The Cognitive Computing System on SuperVessel includes the innovation of infrastructure layer and the cognitive computing platform layer. In this presentation, we will introduced the following key points.
1)      The cognitive computing system architecture on OpenPOWER cloud with GPU and FPGA (with CAPI) virtualization technologies.
2)      AccDNN service: The novel technology on SuperVessel cloud to convert the Deep Learning model (Caffe) to FPGA accelerator (CAPI accelerator) without programming.
3)      The deep learning framework services with GPU acceleration on OpenPOWER cloud
4)      The new FPGA DevOps model to accelerate the development cycle for cognitive computing on OpenPOWER cloud. This is the collaboration work between IBM Research China and Xilinx.


Yonghua Lin is the founder and leader of SuperVessel OpenPOWER cloud. Meanwhile, she is the Senior Technical Staff Member and Senior Manager of Cloud Infrastructure group in IBM Research. She has worked on system architecture research in IBM for 12 years. Her work covered all kinds of IBM multicore processors in the pass 10 years, including IBM network processor, IBM Cell processor, PRISM, IBM POWER 6, and POWER 7, etc. She was the initiator of mobile infrastructure on cloud from 2007 which has become the Network Function Virtualization today. She led IBM team built up the FIRST optimized cloud for 4G mobile infrastructure, and successfully demonstrated in ITU, Mobile World Congress, etc. She was the founder of SuperVessel cloud to support OpenPOWER research and development in industry. She herself has more than 50 patents granted worldwide and publications in top conferences and journals.