Cores and More

This page provides links to source code for Cores/Open implementations of the ISA, suggested places to discuss OpenPOWER and links to other OpenPOWER topics of interest.

Software/IP Cores

After the opening of the POWER ISA in August 2019, a number of Open Source software defined cores have been released:


There are a number of channels on the Freenode IRC Network relating to OpenPOWER.  #openpower is the main discussion area for general OpenPOWER Topics.  If you are interested in systems made by our member company, Raptor Computing Systems, have a look at #talos-workstation

Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists related or dedicated to OpenPOWER  related topics.  The links below will take you to the information page which will include information on signing up, links to archives etc.

  • Hosted by the OpenPOWER Foundation
    • OpenPOWER-Community-Dev, a community mailing list for discussing developer/grass roots OpenPOWER and/or PowerPC matters – hardware and software
    • OpenPOWER-HDL-Cores, an open mailing list for discussing all matters related to HDL/Software implementations of OpenPOWER compliant CPU cores, SoCs, FPGAs etc.  This includes the “Microwatt” and “Chiselwatt” FPGA cores
  • Hosted elsewhere
    • Linuxppc-dev — Discussion and development of Linux Kernel PowerPC/POWER support
    • OpenPower-Firmware — Discussion/Development of OpenPower firmware


The OpenPOWER Foundation has a Slack instance with channels on a range of topics including the Microwatt/Chiselwatt CPU cores, the open ISA etc.  To join, please complete the form here or email [email protected] and we can get you set up.


OpenPOWER Host Forums right here on our websiteThe Forums hosted by Raptor Computing Systems are also a popular resource.

Microprocessors & Complete Systems

IBM produce the POWER series CPUs that are at present the most common server class implementation of the POWER/OpenPOWER ISA.  You can find more information about POWER9 on the IBM website.

Various OpenPOWER Foundation Member companies produce complete systems based around the POWER series CPUs including IBM, Yadro, Inspur, Wistron and Raptor Computing Systems.

Other Resources

  • The OpenPOWER Foundation Resource Catalog contains a wealth of information and formal documentation as well as the OpenPOWER ISA documents
  • The Raptor Computing Systems Wiki Page is a popular community led resource
  • IBM themselves maintain the IBM OpenPOWER Portal
  • For the last few months we have been running weekly informal “OpenPOWER Virtual Coffee Calls” to help our members and friends in the broader ecosystem stay in touch.  You’re welcome to join these – more details available here.


Disclaimer: Please note the OpenPOWER Foundation cannot vouch for information on external sites, links to these are provided as a courtesy.