Customizing Open Power Firmware for Bringup


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

The presentation will demonstrate practical how-to examples of adding tools/scripts to the Open Power Petitboot boot loader for system bringup and debug.

The Petitboot environment offers a rich set of tools that can be leveraged to solve many common bringup tasks. I will draw upon my extensive experience bringing up many different kinds of Power based systems to demonstrate proven simple solutions that this embedded linux system makes possible.

The goal is to show Open Power Summit attendees how quickly and easily they can add their own wish list of petitboot tools to any Open Power based system design.


Speaker Bio

Steve joined IBM in 1996 to support IBM PowerPC customers who built PowerMac clones, back when Apple was still allowing that. I also worked on the Apple G5/970 design and helped clients who were using the IBM/Sony/Toshiba Cell chip in blade designs.

He has been supporting p-Series development since 2008 and just moved into a new position working with Open Power clients.

Prior to joining IBM Steve worked mostly as a consultant helping MacOS developers debug software and hardware, particularly accelerator/coprocessor designs.