Data center and Cloud computing market landscape and challenges


Presentation Objective

In this talk, we will gain an understanding of Data center and Cloud computing market landscape and challenges, discuss technology challenges that limit scaling of cloud computing that is growing at an exponential pace and wrap up with insights into how FPGAs combined with general purpose processors are transforming next generation data centers with tremendous compute horsepower, low-latency and extreme power efficiency.


Data center workloads demand high computational capabilities, flexibility, power efficiency, and low cost. In the computing hierarchy, general purpose CPUs excel at Von Neumann (serial) processing, GPUs perform well on highly regular SIMD processing, whereas inherently parallel FPGAs excel on specialized workloads. Examples of specialized workloads: compute and network acceleration, video and data analytics, financial trading, storage, database and security.  High level programming languages such as OpenCL have created a common development environment for CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. This has led to adoption of hybrid architectures and a Heterogeneous World. This talk showcases FPGA-based acceleration examples with CAPI attach through OpenPOWER collaboration and highlights performance, power and latency benefits.

Speaker Bio

Manoj Roge is Director of Wired & Data Center Solutions Planning at Xilinx. Manoj is responsible for product/roadmap strategy and driving technology collaborations with partners. Manoj has spent 21 years in semiconductor industry with past 10 years in FPGA industry. He has been in various engineering and marketing/business development roles with increasing responsibilities. Manoj has been instrumental in driving broad innovative solutions through his participation in multiple standards bodies and consortiums. He holds an MBA from Santa Clara University, MSEE from University of Texas, Arlington and BSEE from University of Bombay.


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