Enabling Instrumentation Using Programmable on-chip Components to Monitor Sensors


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

OpenPower enables us by providing a platform to program on-chip components using which we can measure and monitor sensors efficiently. This framework provides a faster inband-sensing which does not involve architectural SCOM operations to read the sensors. The Linux host can consume the sensor data by reading it from the main memory, while the on-chip components can update the data to host  and present it in any form as required by the host.  The external components can be programmed to represent the sensor data as instant sensor value, aggregated value, averaged (moving, decaying) and histogram. The existing sensor monitoring tools like inband-ipmi, lm-sensors are slow to retrieve the sensor but this framework can provide data update at sub-millisecond level. The fast sensing of data facilitates profiling of workload at a finer interval.


Speaker Bio

Shilpasri is a Linux Kernel developer in Linux Technology Centre, IBM.  He works in Energy management in POWER8 processors.