OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2018 – October 3-4

OpenPOWER Summit Europe 2018

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RAI Centre, Amsterdam

October 3-4, 2018

The second OpenPOWER Summit Europe was held in Amsterdam on October 3rd – 4th 2018.

The event had a strong technical emphasis and bring together developers, engineers, executives, decision makers and researchers from across the OpenPOWER End Users and Developer Ecosystem.

Developer Training, Keynotes and technical sessions provided a rich variety of content from technical deep dives to recent OpenPOWER commercial successes, with a particular emphasis on the European region.

Software and hardware developer training opportunities and sessions including Birds of Feather (BoFs) took place, as well as an expo area where OpenPOWER Members presented their solutions including sessions on PCIe Gen4, CAPI, OpenCAPI, Linux, OpenBMC, GPU, FPGA, I/O, Power Architecture, performance optimisation, system management and more.

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