OpenPOWER Workshop at CINECA


Register for the online OpenPOWER Workshop hosted by CINECA. Presentations include:

  • Dr Massimiliano and Ganesan Narayanasamy – Introduction about the workshop 2.30 pm CEST
  • Dr Jose Moreira, IBM Research Open ISA and Power Innovations 2.45 pm CEST
  • Dr Sameer Shende , TAU founder and University of Oregon E4S and TAU features and Demo 3.15 PM CEST
  • Brian Allison , IBM Advanced Accelerator 3.45 PM CEST
  • Dr Panda , Ohio State University Distributed Deep learning and tools 4.15 PM CEST
  • Florin Manaila , IBM AI at Scale . 4.45 PM CEST
  • Conclusion summary – by Dr Massimiliano and Ganesan Narayanasamy 5.15 PM CEST

Register for the online event here.