How to Build a Fully Functional Cluster Using Free and Open Source Tools for Installation, Setup, and Management of HPC Clusters Based on Accelerated OpenPOWER Servers


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

During the last decade the large majority of the HPC community have developed several opensource tools for the administration and management of their compute clusters. While these middleware are extremely common on the x86 ecosystem, they have yet to be adopted on POWER architecture. In this presentation, E4 demonstrates how to build a fully functional cluster using free and open source tools for installation, setup, and management of HPC clusters based on accelerated OpenPOWER servers
The goal is to provide a conformable user experience to the sys admin and the client of the HPC facility, minimising the learning curve shifting from x86 to POWER while maximising the benefits in terms of performance and flexibility. Thanks to E4’s implementation it’s possible to use several free software tools in an integrated and easy way. The tools used spans from the bare-metal provisioning, up to the job scheduler and the load monitoring. Special focus will be given to the development of software modules that are architecture independent in order for sys admins to manage OpenPOWER based clusters with the same ease of the x86 based ones, but taking advantages from the outstanding performance of OpenPOWER systems.


Speaker Bio

Piero Altoè responsible of the Research and Innovation at E4 Computer Engineering SpA and he brings more than 8 years of experience in computational chemistry and he is author of 30 papers published on international scientific journals. He joined the E4 team as HPC Specialist in 2010. Piero Altoè achieved his Ph.D. in 2007 at the Università di Bologna focusing his attention on the development and applications of hybrid quantum and molecular mechanics methods. Since 2002 he is involved in high performance computing activities related to software development and system administration.