How Ubuntu is enabling OpenPOWER and innovation Randall Ross (Canonical)



Geared towards a business audience that has some understanding of POWER and cloud technology, and would like to gain a better understanding of how their combination can provide advantages for tough business challenges.


Learn how Canonical’s Ubuntu is enabling OpenPOWER solutions and cloud-computing velocity. Ubuntu is powering the majority of cloud deployments. Offerings such as Ubuntu Server, Metal-as-a-service (MAAS), hardware provisioning, orchestration (Juju, Charms, and Charm Bundles), workload provisioning, and OpenStack installation technologies simplify managing and deploying OpenPOWER based solutions in OpenStack, public, private and hybrid clouds. OpenPOWER based systems are designed for scale-out and scale-up cloud and analytics workloads and are poised to become the go-to solution for the world’s (and your businesses’) toughest problems.

This talk will focus on the key areas of OpenPOWER based solutions, including

  • Strategic POWER8 workloads
  • Solution Stacks that benefit immediately from OpenPOWER
  • CAPI (Flash, GPU, FPGA and acceleration in general)
  • Service Orchestration
  • Ubuntu, the OS that fully supports POWER8
  • Large Developer Community and mature development processes
  • Ubuntu’s and OpenPOWER’s Low-to-no barrier to entry

Speaker names / Titles

Randall Ross (Canonical’s Ubuntu Community Manager, for OpenPOWER & POWER8)
Jeffrey D. Brown (IBM Distinguished Engineer,  Chair of the OpenPOWER Foundation Technical Steering Committee) – proposed co-presenter, to be confirmed


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