IBM Watson IOT & POWER AI Developer Conference organized @ IITM- Research Park on 3rd November by IBM.

Industry Coverage

The IBM Watson IOT was designed with focus on the recent topics and the emphasis on basics. The conference was inaugurated by Dr.R.Venkatesan, Scientist & Programme Director of NIOT who gave insight to weather forecasting, Ocean data collection ,Cognitive Computing and future trends on use of HPC.

The first session by Mr.Ganesan from IBM, introduced to discussion on IBM Openpower with four technical areas on ML,AI, Database/Analytics, Cloud, containers and their impacts in the upcoming decades on technology.He also introduced us to OpenPOWER systems and features. I got exposure about OpenPOWER foundation that enables data centres to re-think the approach to technology. This will enable to customize power CPU processes and system platforms for optimization. The supercomputer is proof of POWER architecture’s growing strength, I could learn about benefits of OpenPOWER.

 The second session by Mr.Romeo Keinzler,Chief data scientist at IBM focused on cloud scale ML and deep learning.His lecture was interactive and gave insight to the subject with his practical knowledge. He taught us on how to create dashboards, visualize the sensor data and basics of node-Red application development environment. We were also introduced to GPU programming and python programming with small examples. He explained about mechanics of neural network and application and also covered computing frameworks for ML algorithms like Torch and TensorFlow .He also advised us to join his course of “A developer’s guide to exploring and Visualizing IOT Data” on Coursera. 

The third session post lunch real time insights by demonstration of text to speech capabilities and small datasets was used using DIGITS . Researchers from MultiCoreWare demonstrated on lip sync lag that could be seen in a video and audio data with their custom made software tool and showed us how enhancement is possible to get better output of video and audio file. They are specialized in producing high resolution video imageries, machine learning and case specific problems. Also, we were shown about 3D digital printing practical demonstration and how Watson IOT can be incorporated with it. 

Finally, hands on session on Watson and POWER AI was very informative and helped students to understand in a practical manner .This is a first time I am getting exposed to these tools and the way the sessions were conducted and hands on training were provided,were beneficial to me and every attendee to shape career in this field.