Linux on OpenPOWER: Internals, Interfaces and Integration



The OpenPOWER system software stack is responsible for system boot, platform abstractions and runtime management tasks. Based on Linux and the OPAL runtime firmware, we provide an industry-standard operating system interface to the unique hardware functionality of OpenPOWER platforms.

We’ll be focussing on areas which are particular to OpenPOWER platforms:

· runtime platform abstractions;
· the petitboot bootloader, including its interfaces, and
· interactions with a management controller (BMC).

This presentation will provide an general overview of the software stack architecture, and provide technical details on particular components OPAL and the Linux platform implementation for OpenPOWER. We’ll cover some of the system interfaces that may be unique to OpenPOWER platforms, and how system implementers and integrators can best make use of these components.

Target audience: Technical; system implementers, system integrators.


Speaker Bio

Jeremy Kerr is an OpenPOWER platform architect at IBM’s Linux Technology Center. His background is in Linux development (specialising in Linux bringup
on new hardware), and operating systems research.

Jeremy has been hacking on open source software development for over 15 years. As well as the Linux kernel & OPAL firmware, Jeremy has contributed to a range of other open source projects, including petitboot (a Linux-based bootloader), K42 (a research operating system), patchwork (a web-based patch-tracking system) and nfsim (the netfilter simulation environment).