Membership Levels

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a 501c6 not-for-profit entity with a Board of Directors and a Technical Steering Committee.

  • Membership levels provide either a default Board of Director position (Platinum) or an opportunity to be elected to the Board (Gold, Silver, and Associate/Academic members). The Bylaws detail additional governance by the Board including maximum seats, terms, etc.
  • The Technical Steering Committee is formed from the Work Group Leads from the core projects and one representative designated by each Platinum member.

OpenPOWER offers a tiered membership of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Associate/Academic memberships.

  • Annual fee and dedicated full-time equivalent (FTEs) – verification of committed number of FTEs on honor system
  • Contributors, committers, Work Group leads and project leads influence Technical Steering Committee
  • Associate/Academic level is not available to corporations

Membership Level

Annual Fee*


Technical Steering Committee

Board/Voting Position




One seat per member not otherwise represented

Includes Board position, includes TSC position




May be on TSC if Work Group lead

Gold members may elect up to one BOD member per three Gold members


$5k if <300 employees
$0 if < 300 employees and an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or for Open Source Community Projects


May be on TSC if Work Group lead

One board seat elected by all Silver members

Associate and Academic



May be on TSC if Work Group lead

May be elected to one community observer, non-voting Board seat

*Fee in US dollars