Mission Statement and 2019 Focus Areas

The OpenPOWER Foundation Board of Directors is chartered to set the tactical and strategic direction of the organization.  In this capacity the Board has ratified the Foundations Mission Statement and 2019 Focus Areas as follows:


Mission Statement

“Through the growing open ecosystem of the POWER Architecture and its associated technologies, the OpenPOWER Foundation facilitates its Members to share expertise, investment and intellectual property to serve the evolving needs of all end users.”


2019 Focus Areas

Recognizing that truly valuable solutions come from both strong open core technologies and a community that supports same, the OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF) will focus in 2019 on these key areas;


  • Building and engaging our Developer communities across multiple areas including Open Source Software, Academia, Cloud, HPC, ISVs and AI.
    • Increasing geographical and informal collaborations/events for member-to-member communication.


  • Through the technical Working Groups continuing to enable the technologies, specifications and project deliverables that underpin Foundation activities.
    • Providing/Increasing enablement for integration and information sharing capabilities to ease the ability to develop and integrate technologies.


  • Championing the solutions and offerings of Members by encouraging collaboration across the OPF membership and promoting these to the wider marketplace.
    • Partnering with other Open Source and Industry organizations to broaden reach.


  • Growing membership and engagement at all levels.
    • Ensuring membership structure, budget, and activities support long-term sustainability of the foundation, demonstrate business value of membership, and encourage participation.