Next Generation Performance and Scalability with Mellanox “Smart” Interconnect and OpenPOWER



Pushing the frontiers of science and technology will require extreme-scale computing with machines that are 500-to-1,000 times more capable than today’s supercomputers. Technology development has had to keep up in order to enable such performance leaps, with notable advancements, such as the move from SMP architecture to clustered systems using multi-core processors, as well as added acceleration from GPUs, FPGAs and other co-processing technologies, and today and for the future includes extreme innovation with the OpenPOWER architecture.
The latest Mellanox EDR 100Gb/s “Smart” interconnect already includes native support for one of the latest innovations brought forth by IBM’s POWER architecture known as the Coherent Accelerator Processor Interface (CAPI). This state-of-the-art innovation enables POWER-based systems to rip through high volumes of data by bringing compute and data closer together by enabling a much tighter integration with the Mellanox high performance interconnect and the POWER architecture.
We will discuss a new era of co-design, which enables ALL active system devices to effectively become acceleration devices; including the network, and explore concepts of orchestrating a more effective mapping of communication between devices in the system and increasing system performance by an order of magnitude.
Recently Mellanox introduced SwitchIB-2 — the world’s first and only “Smart Switch” which also introduces the newest technology advancement in networking and is part of the industry’s co-design efforts…. We will cover Mellanox SHArP technology and how SHArP brings more intelligence and offloading capabilities to the network to further system performance and application scalability of OpenPOWER-based systems.


Speaker Bio

Scot Schultz is a HPC technology specialist with broad knowledge in operating systems, high speed interconnects and processor technologies.  Joining Mellanox in early 2013 as Director of HPC and Technical Computing, Schultz is 25-year veteran of the computing industry.  Prior to joining Mellanox, spent the past 17 years in various engineering and leadership roles; including strategic HPC technology ecosystem enablement.   Scot has been instrumental with the growth and development of numerous industry standards-based organizations including OpenPOWER, OpenFabrics Alliance, HPC Advisory Council and many others.