On Chip Controller (OCC)



Demonstrate POWER processor and memory capabilities that can be exploited using open source OCC firmware.


The On Chip Controller (OCC) is a co-processor that is embedded directly on the main processor die. The OCC can be used to control the processor frequency, power consumption, and temperature in order to maximize performance and minimize energy usage. This presentation will include an overview of the power, thermal, and performance data that the OCC can access as well as the various control knobs, including adjusting the processor frequency and memory
bandwidth. Details about the OCC processor, firmware structure, loop timings, off-load engines, and bus accesses will be given along with descriptions of example algorithms, system settings, and potential future enhancements.


Todd Rosedahl. IBM Chief Power/Thermal/Energy Management Engineer on POWER. Todd has worked on power, thermal, and energy management for his entire 22yr career at IBM and has over 20 related patents. He led the firmware effort for the On Chip Controller (OCC) which recently was released as open source.


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