OpenPOWER Breaks Through 100 … A Signal of Even More Innovation to Come!


1 OpenPOWER started with one shared idea — to drive more innovation in the data center.

5 Beginning with five founders — IBM, Google, NVIDIA, Mellanox and Tyan, the OpenPOWER Foundation has exponentially grown to now …

101 OpenPOWER Foundation members around the world representing a diverse set of leaders from across the technology industry.  From cloud service providers and technology consumers to chip designers, hardware components, system vendors and firmware and software providers and beyond, they’re all leveraging POWER’s open architecture to drive innovation. OpenPOWER’s membership is also geographically diverse, representing …

22 countries across 6 continents with a membership roster spanning Asia, North America, South America, Australia, Africa and Europe. Note: No members from Antarctica. Yet. 😉

8 To date the Foundation has chartered eight member Working Groups organized by technical focus areas of interest including interoperability, system software, memory, compliance, hardware architecture, application software, accelerators and the development of an open server development platform. The work being accomplished by these groups supports …

35 confirmed member presentations detailing OpenPOWER products and projects underway that will be shared at the OpenPOWER Foundation’s debut conference, the OpenPOWER Summit, taking place at the San Jose Convention Center March 17-19. So hurry, there’s only ….

28 days left until the Summit begins! Come and join us. Learn more and register today by going to

Looking forward to seeing you in San Jose! Now, let’s get back to collaborating and innovating.