OpenPOWER Cloud Container Service in Practice



We have been running an OpenPOWER cloud “SuperVessel” with thousands of docker instances in the last 2 years, we never stopped optimizing and tuning the container service from different layers: hardware configuration, operating system, docker, nova-docker, etc. A number of the issues have been resolved successfully but some of the issues we are still struggling with. This session will include the experience and lessons we learned from running container service on SuperVessel. Here is the draft agenda of the session:

1. Docker in SuperVessel
2. Optimized hardware configuration for container service
3. Tune your Linux for container service
4. Docker support configuration in OpenStack
5. Typical container service issues from SuperVessel end users


Speaker Bio

Guang Cheng Li got his Computer Science Master degree in 2003, has been working on Infrastructure management in the last decade, including network switches testing/development, cluster system management tools development and cloud operation. Guang Cheng Li is now working for the cloud infrastructure and technology department as a researcher in IBM research lab.