Building Synergy in the OpenPOWER Ecosystem Around OpenPOWER Compliance and OpenPOWER Ready



The OpenPOWER Compliance Work Group has been working closely with the other OpenPOWER Foundation Work Groups.  Each OpenPOWER Foundation Work Group defines what is required for compliance through their Work Group Specifications each of which contains a conformance to the specification section.  The Compliance Work Group generates Compliance Test Harness and Test Suite specifications focused on each compliance area.  Test suites that are contributed to the OpenPOWER Foundation need to be licensed under Apache V2 license. Compliance may be measured with test suites not contributed to the OpenPOWER Foundation satisfying the Compliance Test Harness and Test Suite specification.  In addition to the OpenPOWER Compliance, the Compliance Work Group is generating a Work Group Note which defines OpenPOWER Ready.  OpenPOWER Ready has certain base documented assumptions and is vendor or 3rd party tested or has participated in a plug-fest to be able to claim OpenPOWER System Ready, OpenPOWER I/O Ready, etc.  Come to my session to learn more about OpenPOWER Compliance and OpenPOWER Ready.


Speaker Bio

Sandy Woodward is the OpenPOWER Foundation Compliance Work Group Chair. Sandy has over 20 years experience with the IBM POWER architecture.  She is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM and is an IBM Academy of Technology Member.