Why the OpenPOWER Developer Challenge is Important to Kinetica


By Amit Vij, CEO, Kinetica


At Kinetica (formerly GPUdb), we have experienced first-hand how the massive hardware acceleration improvements made possible by OpenPOWER can have truly transformational benefits for enterprises. We are in the business of helping customers uncover new business insights in real-time from massively growing volumes of data, often spanning IoT and other streaming data sources. We simply couldn’t solve our customer’s problems with traditional data technologies. OpenPOWER not only makes it possible to deliver massive data processing performance gains at a fraction of the cost, it also allows our customers to tackle brand new challenges and to make the world a better place for us all.

We were proud to be recognized by IDC recently with an HPC Innovation Excellence Award for our work with the United States Postal Service. The USPS deploys Kinetica’s real-time data analytics and advanced visualization capabilities to deliver goods more efficiently to more than 154 million addresses across the United States.


We get excited every time we learn about a new compelling use case and we’re equally as excited to hear entirely new ideas from developers participating in the OpenPOWER Developer Challenge. Our CTO, Nima Negahban, is one of the judges and he is extremely eager to inspect the submissions as they arrive. He will also participate in the awards ceremony at SC16, helping to recognize the winning teams.

We have now reached the halfway point, so please remember to register if you haven’t already done so by going to http://openpower.devpost.com.