Go Global with OpenPOWER Developer Resources


By Sam Ponedal, Social Strategist for OpenPOWER, IBM

OpenPOWER Developer Map Social Tile

There are many faces that make up the OpenPOWER Foundation and its ecosystem. We have hardware manufacturers who provide the cutting edge technology that serves as the hardware platform for OpenPOWER. We have MSPs that install and leverage OpenPOWER technology for their customers, and we have researchers and universities who are applying OpenPOWER technology to solve global problems. But perhaps the most important individuals working in the OpenPOWER ecosystem are developers. Currently, there are over 1,000 ISVs who have built applications for OpenPOWER, and we know that in order for our ecosystem to grow, we need to keep making OpenPOWER the most accessible open platform for developers, with the performance capabilities to make the most blazing fast applications to boot. With features like CAPI and GPU acceleration, OpenPOWER provides developers with the performance to truly make their applications sing. In addition, OpenPOWER uses the same familiar tools like Linux, CUDA, and big and little endians so that developers can apply the skills they already have to building new applications.

But how do developers access OpenPOWER hardware for testing and development? To answer that important question, today we are pleased to announce the OpenPOWER Developer Resources Map, available at http://developers.openpowerfoundation.org. This interactive and free tool can help developers locate in-person and virtual development resources that best suit their unique needs and goals for their project. Interested in getting hands-on in-person with the POWER8 chip architecture? Visit one of our members’ open developer facilities in your local area. Want to go virtual and explore how CAPI can accelerate your application on the OpenPOWER platform? Leverage Supervessel or our other CAPI-enabled developer clouds. Developers simply log-in, select the filters that best suit their project,¬†and then pinpoint the best resource for them.

openpower developer map

This new tool complements our existing library of developer tools and information, which features:

  • Development Environments and VMs
  • Development Systems
  • Technical Specifications
  • Software
  • Developer Tools

To learn more about the OpenPOWER tools available to developers, visit our Technical Resources page.

Developers are the key to the growth of the OpenPOWER ecosystem, and with the greatest minds in the world working on building cutting edge, high-performance on OpenPOWER, the world’s only truly open hardware architecture, we’re excited about the possibilities. If you’re a developer and looking for how you can get more involved with OpenPOWER, stay tuned for more as we’re going to be announcing some exciting developer-focused initiatives in the coming months.

Have questions or want to know more about what we offer? Let us know in the comments below! Happy coding!