OpenPower Firmware Dev, Test, Community and Compliance


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

This session will cover development process, regression testing, the community and OpenPower Compliance testing for OpenPower firmware.

A firmware image for an OpenPower machine consists of many individual components including Hostboot, OCC, skiboot, a linux kernel and the petitboot bootloader environment. In this session we’ll cover HOWTO participate in the development community of various OpenPower firmware projects and test your resulting firmware.

We’ll discuss efforts towards a solid, public, repeatable regression test suite and compliance test suite and where we are in an OPAL standard and conformance suite.


Speaker Bio

Stewart works for IBM on OpenPower firmware with the title of “OPAL Architect” and maintains skiboot, which provides the OpenPower Abstraction Layer. He also delves into the Linux kernel and bits of user space.

In a previous life he worked on a variety of Open Soruce databases including MySQL, MySQL Cluster, Drizzle, Percona Server, and related projects.