OpenPOWER Partners and Experts Host an Introduction to POWER at IEM, Kolkata


By Ganesan Narayanasamy

Earlier this month, the Institute of Engineering & Management in Kolkata, India welcomed OpenPOWER experts and novices to a full day workshop to discuss how to use IBM POWER systems for big data analysis and artificial intelligence applications. 

More than 200 participants from around Kolkata attended; attendees included not only students and faculty from local universities, but also professionals from the state’s Ministry of Higher Education. 

After an introduction to the OpenPOWER platform, partners and researchers across industries shared their experience using IBM POWER to support genomics programs, image analytics and more. Professor Arghya Kusum Das from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville, for example, walked attendees through how he utilizes POWER to handle terabytes of metagenomic data (see the white paper here).

Another crowd-favorite session was the Introduction to Watson Machine Learning Acceleration (WML-A). Participants got hands-on experience with WML-A through JupyterLab Notebook .

Please see the full workshop on YouTube.

If you are interested in attending a similar session, we are looking to schedule more worldwide, including in India and the U.S. Be sure to also check out OpenPOWER Summit 2019 Europe, happening next month (October 31-November 1) in Lyons, France!