OpenPOWER Summit 2015 Media Coverage

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OpenPOWER Foundation Technology Leaders Unveil Hardware Solutions To Deliver New Server Alternatives


“IBMs effort to challenge Intel’s data-center dominance by getting hardware makers to use its Power architecture is gaining steam.” – PC World

“An OpenPOWER/NVIDIA alliance targeting this young segment with massive potential could change the market and on this vector Intel is vulnerable.” – IT Business Edge

“I’ve argued before that OpenPOWER is the biggest threat to Intel in the server market.” – Motley Fool

“IBM, which has been reducing its reliance on revenue from selling hardware, uses its Power microprocessor line, of which Power8 is the latest, in one of two remaining computer lines. The Power8 is known for extremely high performance.” – Wall Street Journal

“Overall, these new announcements from the OpenPower Foundation and its members look like good news all around,” King said. “The organization’s continued growth and progress, along with these first commercial solutions, underscore IBM’s original decision to open its Power architecture.” – CIO Today

“The one thing that is for certain is that when it comes to servers in the cloud, it’s starting to look like IT organizations may soon have a lot more options in terms of where they decide to host any given application workload.” – IT Business Edge

“For now, IBM can revel in kicking HP’s butt down the block yet one more time as it trains to do the same to Intel, which will definitely kick back.” – IT Business Edge

“Having OpenPOWER at the NVIDIA GDC may be a bigger deal than otherwise thought.” – IT Business Edge

“OpenPower Foundation officials used the group’s first conference to show off more than a dozen new pieces of hardware from its members, to talk about how the consortium operates and try to recruit new members, and to position itself as an alternative to Intel in the data center.” – eWEEK 

“This is the first time that we can recall since the advent of Linux-based Beowulf clusters that a technology approach will trickle up to the stratosphere of supercomputing.”The Platform 

“The launch will give costumers more choice, customisation and performance and has been built by OpenPOWER members including Google, Nvidia, IBM and Samsung.” Computer Business Review

“Sullivan says that Samsung, Avago Technology, Mellanox Technologies, PMC, IBM and a few others are working on the Barreleye system design with Rackspace, adding that the resulting machine will be much more efficient for Rackspace applications than anything it has in its datacenters today.” – The Platform


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MF, IBM’s chips calm Beijing, Here comes the first OpenPOWER Foundation server with no IBM logo, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives, OpenPOWER Foundation technology leaders unveil hardware solutions to deliver new server alternatives