OpenPOWER Summit North America 2019: Unleash the Power of Customized Accelerators


By: Hugh Blemings, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation

Porting functions to FPGA has never been so easy!

At this year’s OpenPOWER Summit North America, IBM’s Yong Lu hosted a session on the OpenCAPI Acceleration Framework, abbreviated as OC-Accel. OC-Accel is a platform that enables programmers and computer engineers to quickly create FPGA-based accelerations. 

Developers can use OC-Accel to boost acceleration performance. The framework enables global memory sharing, open and easy developing, improved latency and increased throughput. (In fact, OC-Accel actually enables the best throughput performance in the world!) 

To learn more about the benefits of OC-Accel, watch the full session below.