OpenPower, the Swiss Army Knife of DevOps


Abstract to be presented at Summit 2016

Adriana and Andrew have been working in IBM POWER Firmware for the last 10+ years. They have witnessed the transformation of POWER based systems from the enterprise level to the expanded Open universe it’s now part of. They have first hand experience using OpenPower based servers for our development and test automation needs. It’s been an awesome experience and we’d like to use this 30 minute presentation to share this with the summit group to enable them to do the same. OpenPower is not just for the enterprise anymore, it’s for everything!

During this presentation, we’ll cover the following:
o Docker enablement and use
o Jenkins and integration into devops flows
o Test frameworks such as robotframework and selenium
o Development tools such as git, gerrit, OpenGrok, and Maven
o Software deployment tools

The goal of this is give some real life examples of how our development and test organization was able to easily move from x86 based systems to POWER.

And of course we’ll be highlighting the unprecedented performance we get running all of these on POWER!

Speaker Bio

Andrew and Adriana have been working in POWER firmware for the last 10+ years.  They’ve contributed software to the OpenPower github projects and have been involved in all facets of the OpenPower systems.  They both have a passion for POWER and enjoy sharing that with everyone they can.