#OpenPOWERChat Provides an update on Zaius + Barreleye G2


Adi Gangidi, lead Rackspace engineer on the Zaius / Barreleye G2 project joined the OpenPOWER Foundation for a Twitter Chat to discuss the project’s technology, features, performance and more.

Here’s a recap of the conversation.

When did Google and Rackspace begin collaborating on this project?

Why was POWER9 / OpenPOWER chosen for the Rackspace and Google collaboration?

What has the Zaius / Barreleye G2 development process involved?

What types of standard / new technology are included in the motherboard?

Why should anyone consider Zaius / Barreleye G2 or OpenPOWER servers over other alternatives?

How is the OpenCAPI ecosystem coming along? How can customers on the OpenPOWER platform take advantage of OpenCAPI?

How about the PCIe Gen4 ecosystem? How can consumers take advantage of it?

Why should someone consider this OpenPOWER platform for AI workloads?

How can the broader industry and other OpenPOWER members benefit from the work Rackspace is doing on this project?