Resource Disaggregated Platform (RD Platform) Including Power8 and GPUs for Diverse Cloud Computing Service



The RD Platform expands the use of cloud data centers not only office applications but also high performance computing (HPC) because it has the ability to simultaneously handle multiple demands for data storage, networks, and numerical/graphics processes.
The RD platform performs computation by allocating devices from a resource pool at the device level to scale up individual performance and functionality.
Since the fabric is ExpEther (distributed PCIe switch over Ethernet), open standard hardware and software can be utilized to build customer’s computer systems, hence, it is possible to deliver faster, more powerful, and more reliable computing solutions effectively along with the customer’s glowing demand for performance and flexibility.
The performance of both 8-GPU machine and KVS with shared PCIe-storage show the easy-to-scale-up feature of the platform. A combination of the latest Gen3 x8 – 2x 40G Ethernet ExpEther and power8 server provides more intensive computing power to the platform.


Speaker Bio

Takashi Yoshikawa is Senior Principal Researcher of Green Platform Research Laboratories at NEC Corporation. He has led research projects of computing and networking platforms for 10 years. His major research areas are system architecture, interconnection,  optical transceiver, ASIC design, and mobile M2M network.. He has BS, MS and PhD from Keio University.