Secure and Trusted Boot for OpenPOWER



This presentation will delve into the proposed direction and implementation of Secure and Trusted boot for OpenPOWER systems.  Topics include an architectural overview of P8 security features and then goes into the details of existing hardware mechanisms on P8/P8+, a walk through on the establishment of the core root of trust, interactions between hardware and firmware, and management of keys.   In addition, a discussion of design changes for the next generation of POWER chips will be presented for consideration and feedback.


Speaker Bio

Dean is a Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM.  He has been working on POWER Chipset Firmware for 16 years and is the lead architect for POWER Chipset Firmware enablement.  He has worked on POWER4 through POWER8 processor chips, most recently as the Hostboot and BMC architect for IBM OpenPOWER systems.