OpenPOWER Summit US 2018 – Booths & REVEAL

Booth Space

For the information of Members, we note that limited exhibition space/booths will be available at the Summit.  Accordingly we now invite Members interested in availing themselves of this to contact us at [email protected]
In your email please include a brief (one to two paragraphs maximum) summary of what you wish to exhibit, approximate space requirements and any other pertinent details. Please note it will be the responsibility of Members exhibiting to provide personnel for the booth and ensure timely delivery and outwards shipping of all exhibit materials.
A mockup of the booth space and other information will be available shortly – booths are configured to be 10’x10′ (approximately 3m x 3m)
Exhibition space will be prioritized on the basis of membership level and the suitability of the proposed content. Requests from non-Members will be considered subject to space availability.


We also starting invite submissions of software and hardware for our famous REVEAL opportunity.  We are expecting over 100 software solutions and over 100 hardware solutions for this REVEAL.
Solutions that are based on Power8 or Power9 are welcome. We also welcome solutions in development and solutions available for purchase today.  There is no limit to the amount of solutions you can submit.
A shipping address and other information will follow but please be prepared to deliver hardware to the MGM Hotel and be prepared to ship the equipment back out again.  All companies that are part of the hardware reveal will receive an IBM Think Pass unless you are already receiving one from other programs.
Please send the following information by email to; [email protected]

  • Product Title(s)
    • Yes you can have multiple products – the more the merrier!
  • 50 Words of Copy
  • Company Logo – High Resolution version
  • Picture, Image or Screen shot of Product

Please provide this information by February 28th to be part of the reveal.