OpenPOWER Summit 2018 – Europe


Thanks to all the speakers, attendees and volunteers who participated!

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EUROPE SUMMIT 2018 - Presenters

SessionPresenter(s)Presentation (PDF)Video-OPF YouTube Channel
OpenPOWER Kick Off OpenPOWER - Hugh Blemingspdf-small
OpenPOWER Executive RemarksYADRO -Artem Ikoevpdf-small
Lightning KeynotesBrytlyt - Richard Heynspdf-smallBrytlyt
Lightning KeynotesVereign - Georg Grevepdf-smallVereign
Lightning Keynotese4 Computer Engineering - Fabrizio Maguglianipdf-smalle4 Computing
Lightning KeynotesRed Hat, Inc. - Yan Fisherpdf-small<Redhat
Lightning KeynotesRaptor Computing Systemspdf-small Raptor Engineering
Proteus - a Custom Platform for Hybrid Memory ResearchKen Wrightpdf-smallYouTube
Open Source for Open Documentation: Developing Documentation for the OpenPOWER FoundationJeff Scheelpdf-small
Openshift, Fedora, Power!Jakub Cajkapdf-smallYouTube
Things I wish I knew about analytics and scaling systems Venkatesh Sellappapdf-smallYouTube
XIVE: External interrupt virtualization for the cloud infrastructureFlorian Auernhammer

Coming Soon
Detecting Breast Cancer with extremely high accuracy using POWERAI VisionFlorin ManailaComing Soon
Challenge and HW PresentationCarman Recio ValcarceComing Soon
Booting From Power-on to a login promptStewart Smithpdf-small
Combine Out-of-Band Monitoring with AI and Big Data for Datacenter Automation in OpenPOWERAndrea Bartolinipdf-small
Evaluation of Power9 for data acquisition at CERN/LHCbNiko Neufeld, Paolo Durante, Flavio Pisani, Lance Thompsonpdf-small
Making Elephants Fly - moving PostgreSQL from X86 to Power9 (and back)Jez Wainpdf-smallYouTube
IBM Power9, NVIDIA, GPU and SQREAM DB. Tackling the Challenges of Massive Data AnalyticsDavid Leichnerpdf-smallYouTube
Performance evaluation of an airplane aerodynamics simulation on POWER9Marta Garciapdf-small
OpenPOWER Project - the open source firmware suiteJeremy Kerrpdf-smallYouTube
Practical uses for POWER in high throughput computingTristan Suerinkpdf-small
POWER Performance PortingDaniel Blackpdf-smallYouTube
TAU for Accelerating AI ApplicationsSameer Shendepdf-smallYouTube
Accelerating AI deployment with H2) Driverless AI on IBM Power9Jo-fai (Joe) Chowpdf-smallYouTube
AI in Health CareDr. Praveen Kumar
Dr. Inchara Nagaraj
Coming Soon
Coding for AI/GPU on POWER - Machine Learning from Concept to Reality-The Next Steps of Image Classification & Introduction to POWERAI - OpenAI Frameworks on POWERChris Parsonspdf-small
Coding for AI/GPU on POWER-Things they didn't tell you when you started developing on POWERRichard Heyns
Jakub Pietrzak
Coming Soon
Coding for AI/GPU on POWER-Learning to run before you can walk with POWERAndy Felhampdf-small
Coding for AI/GPU on POWER-Training models in TensorFlow with oversubscribed GPU Memory on Power9 NVLink2 GPU serversJason Furmanek
Kris Murphy
Coding for AI/GPU on POWER-Porting and Optimizing Applications for AC922Leopold Grinbergpdf-small
OpenBMC Update on upstream efforts and latest progressJoel StanleyComing Soon
OpenBMC Web UI and BrandingAndrew Geisslerpdf-small
Introduction to Snap Machine LearningAndreea AngheiComing Soon
FPGA-Facilitating IP Development for the OpenCAPI Memory InterfaceKevin McIlvainpdf-smallYouTube
MetalFS: Near-Storage Operators for CAPI SNAPMax Plauthpdf-smallYouTube
FPGA-POWER CAPI & SNAP & FPGA, the powerful combination to accelerate routines explained through use casesBruno Mesnetpdf-small
FPGA-Network Protocol Acceleration with CAPI SNAPEndric Schubert, PhD.
Dr. Andrew McCormick
FPGA-Transprecision Computing (collaboration with ETH)Dionysios Diamantopoulospdf-small
FPGA-Hardware Vendor Talks - Nallatech/MolexAllan Cantlepdf-smallYouTube
FPGA-OpenCAPI and its RoadmapMyron Slotapdf-small
FPGA-Hardware Vendor Talks - MellanoxGilad ShainerComing Soon
FPGA-Hardware Vendor Talks - Alpha DataAndrew McCormickpdf-small
FPGA-The Fletcher Framework for Programming FPGAsJohan Peltenburgpdf-small
FPGA-Introduction to the SNAPBruno Mesnetpdf-small
FPGA-A Software Developer's Introduction to OpenCAPIAndrew Donnellanpdf-smallYouTube
FPGA - Introduction to the OpenCAPI InterfaceBrian Allisonpdf-small
FPGA-OpenCAPI Extended Main System Memory over OpenCAPIDimitris Syrivelispdf-small
FPGA-On Developing OpenCAPI Memory Host Agent (LPC) DesignsDimitris Syrivelispdf-small
FPGA-Near Memroy Computing and OpenCAPIJan van Lunterenpdf-small
FPGA-Feeding OpenCAPI Streaming-based FPGA AcceleratorsYvo Mulderpdf-small
FPGA-Decompressing Snappy Compressed Files at the Speed of OpenCAPIJian Fang
Jianyu Chen
FPGA-Introduction to OpenCAPI Memory Interface (OMI)Jeff Steuchelipdf-smallYouTube




Schedule & Venue

[sched sidebar=”yes” url=”//”]View the OpenPOWER Foundation EU Summit 2018 schedule & directory.[/sched]

Wednesday 3rd October

  • Selected all day developer/training/hackfest style technical events including;
    • A deep Technical Workshop on Building High-Bandwidth CAPI/OpenCAPI FPGA applications
    • A hackathon focused on OpenBMC coordinated with OpenCompute
    • A plugfest featuring OpenPOWER hardware from a number of our members for system builders and I/O device developers
    • Exhibition of OpenPOWER Solutions from midday
    • A social event in the early evening
    • …with further sessions to be announced shortly

Thursday 4th October

  • Kickoff/Keynotes
  • Exhibition of OpenPOWER Solutions continues
  • Five streams of technical sessions, tutorials/BoF sessions
  • Lunch
  • Technical sessions and tutorials continue

Venue & Hotel Accommodations

Note:  A room Block has not been reserved.

Summit Venue

Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre
Europaplein 2-22
1078 GZ Amsterdam
31 (0)20 549 12 12

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Public Transportation& Parking

Explore Amsterdam

Novotel Amsterdam City – A 5 minute walk to the RAI Hotel
Europaboulevard 10, 1083 AD Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 20 541 11 23
Fax: +31 20 646 28 23
Email: [email protected]

OpenPOWER Member organizations will have the opportunity to present solutions – software and hardware – at the Exhibition space.  Further details on this and all aspects of the Summit are available.


The second OpenPOWER Summit Europe will be held in Amsterdam on October 3rd – 4th 2018.

The event will have a strong technical emphasis and bring together developers, engineers, executives, decision makers and researchers from across the OpenPOWER End Users and Developer Ecosystem.

Developer Training, Keynotes and technical sessions will provide a rich variety of content from technical deep dives to recent OpenPOWER commercial successes, with a particular emphasis on the European region.

There’ll be true software and hardware developer training opportunities, longer technical sessions including Birds of Feather (BoFs) and bring your own computer sessions as well as an expo area where OpenPOWER Members will present their solutions.

Expect sessions on PCIe Gen4, CAPI, OpenCAPI, Linux, OpenBMC, GPU, FPGA, I/O, Power Architecture, performance optimisation, system management and more.

Details on Event registration for the Summit will be announced in mid August.

Participating in the Summit

The Call for Speakers deadline has passed.  Thanks to all who have submitted their abstracts!

OpenPOWER Members and other interested parties are also invited to apply to present solutions- software and hardware in the Exhibition space. For more information on this please contact us at [email protected]

Don’t forget to plan to attend the Open Compute Project Regional Summit – October 1st & 2nd at the same venue the two days prior to our event!