SuperVessel — OpenPOWER R&D cloud with operation and practice experience sharing



SuperVessel cloud ( is the cloud platform built on top of POWER/OpenPOWER architecture technologies. It aims to provide the open remote access for all the ecosystem developers and university students. We (IBM Research China, IBM System Technology Lab in China and partners) have built and launched this cloud for more than 3 months, and rapidly attracted the public users from more than 30 universities, including those from GCG and the United States.

The cloud was built on OpenStack and enabled

  • The latest infrastructure as services, including PowerKVM, containers and docker services with big endian and little endian options.
  • The big data service through the collaboration with IBM big data technology for Hadoop 1.0 and open source technology for Hadoop 2.0 (SPARK service)
  • The IoT (Internet-of Things) application platform service which has successfully incubated several projects in Healthcare, smart city etc. areas.
  • The Accelerator as service (FPGA virtualization) with the novel marketplace, through the collaboration with Altera.

In this presentation, we would like to share how we built the cloud IaaS and PaaS with the open technologies on OpenPOWER. We also would share what will be the difference when you built a cloud for POWER vs. x86. The most important is the operational experience sharing (with data) for the cloud services on POWER/OpenPOWER.

Objective for the presentation

  1. With our real story on SuperVessel cloud, we want to give industry the real and strong confidence that OpenPOWER could be easily used for cloud, mobile and analysis.
  2. With our real experience, we want to tell industry how to build the cloud and big data services with OpenPOWER
  3. To encourage industry ecosystem to also easily build their cloud to attract more and more developers for OpenPOWER (it will be very important for OpenPOWER’s success)
  4. To encourage our partners and developers, they could leverage SuperVessel to speed up their R&D work on OpenPOWER. SuperVessel is open for them for use and collaboration.

Speaker Bio

Speaker Name: Yonghua Lin ([email protected]), IBM Research China
Yonghua Lin is the Senior Technical Staff Member and Senior Manager of Cloud Infrastructure group in IBM Research. She has worked on system architecture research in IBM for 12 years. Her work covered all kinds of IBM multicore processors in the past 10 years, including IBM network processor, IBM Cell processor, PRISM, IBM POWER 6, and POWER 7, etc. She was the initiator of mobile infrastructure on cloud from 2007 which has become the Network Function Virtualization today. She led IBM team built up the FIRST optimized cloud for 4G mobile infrastructures, and successfully demonstrated in ITU, Mobile World Congress, etc. She was the founder of SuperVessel cloud to support OpenPOWER research and development in industry. She herself has more than 40 patents granted worldwide and publications in top conferences and journals.

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