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By Larry Vertal, Data Center Marketing, Asetek Asetek Liquid Cooler for POWER8Asetek® joined the OpenPOWER™ Foundation in July of this year with great enthusiasm. As the world’s leading provider of liquid cooling systems for CPU and GPUs, with over 2 million units sold, Asetek knows it can bring a lot to OpenPOWER designs and enable the community to productize the highest performance systems and clusters leveraging liquid cooling for OpenPOWER. Asetek is already engaged in delivering liquid cooling designs that accelerate the performance of OpenPOWER platforms. At the 2015 International Supercomputing Conference (ISC15) in Frankfurt, Germany, in July of this year, Asetek provided the first public showing of a liquid cooling system for POWER8 processors. Particularly interesting about this design is that it enables POWER8 server nodes to utilize the highest performing overclocked Power processors without concerns for throttling. Given Asetek’s history in enabling Top500 HPC sites, the current cutting edge performance and expected enhancements to POWER processors will likely demonstrate a need for liquid cooling to provide non-throttling clusters with extreme rack densities.