Technical Specifications

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IBM OpenPOWER Connect is IBM’s portal to sharing its industry-leading POWER technology to inspire innovation. IBM OpenPOWER Connect contains detailed technical resources pertaining to the:

  1. POWER8™ Memory Buffer
  2. POWER8™ Processor
  3. POWER8™ System Design

Power Architecture 64-Bit ELF V2 ABI Specification (also OpenPOWER ABI for Linux Supplement)

This (V2) ABI improves on and replaces the previous “64-bit PowerPC ELF Application Binary Interface Supplement 1.9” as the ABI definition for PowerPC 64-BIT Little-Endian and OpenPOWER systems. This ABI provides a common binary interface for inter-operation of compiled and dynamically linked applications based on the System V Executable and Linking Format (ELF). This ABI exploits features of the latest PowerISA-2.07, plus improves the ABI design to better support modern languages and improve overall application performance.