The Future of Interconnect with OpenPOWER



Mellanox Technologies is a founding member of the OpenPOWER Foundation and is also the foundation for scalable and performance demanding computing infrastructures. Delivering 100Gb/s throughput, sub 700ns application to application latency and message rates of 150 million messages per second, Mellanox is recognized as the world leading interconnect solution provider. Along with proven performance, scalability, application offloads and management capabilities, Mellanox EDR 100G solutions were selected by the DOE for CORAL (Collaboration of Oak Ridge, Argonne and Lawrence Livermore National Labs), a project launched to meet the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) 2017-2018 leadership goals of competitiveness in science and ensures US economic and national security.

Mellanox ConnectX-4 EDR 100Gb/s technology was introduced in November at the SC’14 conference in New Orleans, LA. ConnectX-4 EDR 100Gb/s with CAPI support tightly integrates with the POWER CPU at the local bus level and provides faster access between the POWER CPU and the network device. We will discuss the latest interconnect advancements that maximize application performance and scalability on OpenPOWER architecture, including enhanced flexible connectivity with the latest Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Programmable Network Adapter. The new programmable adapter provides maximum flexibility for users to bring their own customized applications such as IPSEC encryption, enhanced flow steering and Network Address Translation (NAT), data inspection, data compression and others.

Speaker Bio

Speaker: Scot Schultz
Title: Director, HPC / Technical Computing

Scot Schultz is a HPC technology specialist with broad knowledge in operating systems, high speed interconnects and processor technologies.  Joining Mellanox in early 2013 as Director of HPC and Technical Computing, Schultz is 25-year veteran of the computing industry where prior to joining Mellanox, spent 17 years at AMD in various engineering and leadership roles; including strategic HPC technology ecosystem enablement.   Scot has been instrumental with the growth and development of numerous industry standards-based organizations including OpenPOWER, OpenFabrics Alliance, HPC Advisory Council and many others.


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