Trusted Computing Applied in OpenPOWER Linux


Introduction to Authors

Mao Qiu Yin: Male, Teamsun, Director
Zhiqiang Tian: Male, Teamsun, SW Developer


The computer system security problem is more and more emphasized by the Chinese government and it has created its own security standards. OpenPOWER as a new open platform, it urgently needs to achieve China’s trusted computing security standard and provides the prototype system that conforms to the specifications in order to satisfy the demands of the development of OpenPOWER ecosystem in China.

Demonstrated Features

  1. Trusted motherboard: As the RTM of the Trusted computing, provides the highest security solution.
  2. TPCM card: As a PCIE device, implements TCM and no HW change in system.
  3. Support TPCM driver in Power OS.
  4. Based on the white list and trusted database to implement Trusted Computing in OS kernel.
  5. Implemented trusted chain pass from RTM to application
  6. Support TPCM card in open power firmware level to support open power virtualization
  7. Apply the open power trusted computer node to China security Cloud system

Our experience

We choose Power Linux as the application OS and it is easy to port the whole trusted computing software stack to other UNIX like OS such as Power AIX.


The prototype implementation on the open power system that abides by the security standards of China provides strong support for the comprehensive power system promotion and in the meantime it provides a powerful guarantee for the development of power ecosystem in China high security level market. It enriches the China ISV and IHV’s options range with this total solution from hardware to software.


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