TYAN Launches its OpenPower customer reference system

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San Francisco, USA – October 8th, 2014 –TYAN, an industry-leading server platform design manufacturer, and subsidiary of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation (Mitac Group), launched its OpenPOWER Customer Reference System, the TYAN GN70-BP010. It is the first OpenPOWER Reference System and follows the spirit of innovation and collaboration that defines the OpenPOWER architecture. This Customer Reference System is now available to customers.

“Open resources, management flexibility, and hardware customization are becoming more important to IT experts across various industries,” said Albert Mu, Vice President of MITAC Computing Technology Corporation’s TYAN Business Unit. “To meet the emerging needs of evolving IT worlds, TYAN is honored to present its Palmetto System, the TYAN GN70-BP010. As the first commercialized customer reference system provided from an official member from the OpenPOWER ecosystem, the TYAN GN70-BP010 is based on the POWER8 Architecture and follows the OpenPOWER Foundation’s design concept.”

The TYAN GN70-BP010 is a customer reference system which allows end users to deploy software based on the OpenPOWER architecture tailored to their individual requirements. It is a 2U system that contains (1) IBM® POWER8 Turismo SCM processor (4) 240-pin R-DDR3 1600/1333Mhz w ECC DIMM, (8) 2.5″ /3.5″ hot-swap HDD and supports multiple PCI-E G3 ports as well as (4) SATA -III 6.0Gb/s ports with (1) CPU & heatsink, (4) 4GB DDR-3 and (1) 500GB 3.5″ HDD L10 system bundled. TYAN’s OpenPOWER Customer Reference System provides another opportunity for users to run their applications in a way of cost effective and flexible way. It is an innovative and collaborative hardware solution for IT experts who are looking for a more open, flexible, customized, and intelligent IT deployment.

TYAN’s GN70-BP010, the OpenPOWER Customer Reference System, will be available at the end of October 2014. TYAN also announced a special promotion of TYAN GN70-BP010 Customer Reference System. For more product information, please visit the TYAN webpage or contact [email protected]

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**Campaign webpage: http://www.tyan.com/campaign/openpower/ – See more at: http://www.tyan.com/newsroom_pressroom_detail.aspx?id=1648#sthash.qtKrcBw2.dpuf